Monday, September 19, 2016

Matson Monday Musings

Hello lovelies!

I haven’t blogged in a while...I’ve been busy with my family and friends and writing! :) But when I checked my blog today, it looked so sad and forlorn that I thought I’d do a quick post about all things #NILtribe!:)


Swag/Winnings/STUFF: All preorders and #WinNIL winnings and basically winnings for every contest I’ve ever run have been mailed. Woohoo!:)

Books: I have a complete trilogy in the world!:) It’s still mind-boggling for me, and a little unreal. Keep an eye on Wattpad in the months to come...I’ll be posting some extras leading up to the release of the paperback of NIL ON FIRE.

New books! I am writing all sorts of fun, new things! No official word yet, but stay tuned.:)

What I’ve read lately & loved:

SMASH & GRAB by Amy Christine Parker

What I’m reading next: NIGHT SPEED by Chris Howard

Stoked for: all things pumpkin

Song on my Playlist I can’t get enough of: Heathens by 21 Pilots

Favorite new IG account to follow: Mutant 101

TV Show I need to watch: Stranger Things

TV Shows I’m watching: None, really. I read instead.:)

Thing I Need to figure out: Tumblr. For some reason, it mystifies me.

So what’s new with you? What are you reading? What have you loved? What’s your new song?:)