Monday, July 25, 2016

NIL REMEMBERED is realllllllll!

Happy summer, #NILtribe!

I’m so excited to announce the release of NIL REMEMBERED!

What, you say? Another Nil story, you say? YES!:)

Before I get into’s the cover:

Isn’t it cool? Does the cover give you a clue?

So here’s the deal: In NIL UNLOCKED, Skye’s dad give her a journal. It’s handwritten, full of doodles in the margins, and it belonged to Skye’s uncle who went to Nil in the 1980’s. This same journal pushes Skye to believe that Nil is a real place, that Nil really exists. And, it leads her to find vital clues in both NIL UNLOCKED and NIL ON FIRE...clues that turns into critical answers.:)

And now, for the first time, we’re publishing the journal in its entirely--plus illustrations!!!!

Here’s the official synopsis:

My name is Scott Bracken, and this is my journal. 
Scott Bracken has been home for 28 days, but nothing is the same. A month ago, he escaped from Nil, an island of wonder, beauty, and incredible danger. Now, back in his old life, no one believes Scott's story. To deal with his present, Scott must relive his past—whether he wants to or not. 
Introduced to readers in Nil Unlocked, here, for the first time, is Scott's journal in its entirety. Delve deeper into the world of Nil—before Charley and Thad, before Skye and Rives—and discover the truth.

Ahhhh! I’m SO excited!

Also, I’m so honored to have Jay C. Spencer as my illustrator on NIL REMEMBERED. Jay is a massively talented artist who lives in Canada, and he was one of my crit partners for NIL. His input was invaluable in making Thad authentic, and to have the chance to work with him on NIL REMEMBERED was incredible. I couldn’t have brought Scott’s experience to life without him. So thank you Spence!:)

And.... here’s the super cool part:


Right now, NIL REMEMBERED is free to download from any authorized, legal, ebook retailer.:) So go! Enjoy! Happy reading!

Also,  keep an eye on my Wattpad account. I’m posting lots of Nil series extras in the coming weeks. Deleted scenes, excerpts, plus a new Thad novella coming soon! Here’s the link: