Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BOO! Picture book style . . .

Oh hey! Sorry for falling off the blogger-verse. :) Fall is wild in my house, October especially. I'm still fighting to find that family-writer-blogger-life balance. This month we have fall festivals, Gator games, birthdays, company in town, and of course Halloween. AND MY EDITS ON NIL ARE DUE NOVEMBER 1. Oh--and did I mention we started remodeling our master bathroom yesterday? Yup, I'm a *little* scattered. :)

Let me know how you manage your crazy life-writer-blogger balance, okay?!:)

Anyway, I LOVE FALL. Totally love it. Pumpkins! Candy corn! Cool air, leaves turning, holidays coming...the whole thing. :) And of course I love books.:)

This fall I've read some good creepy books--like Gretchen McNeil's TEN. Super fun. I also just read Robison Wells VARIANT, and its sequel FEEDBACK. All three were one-sitting reads for me.

But today I'm talking picture books!

Here are my five fall faves:

#5. It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

The only board book in the bunch, this book is fun for little ones. Great counting, classic mouse. If your child likes the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, he or she will like this little book too.

#4. The Legend Of Spookley, the Square Pumpkin
I love this spunky square pumpkin! And the message is sweet.

#3. Too Many Pumpkins
Oh, all the things you can do with pumpkins! A family classic.

#2. Room on the Broom
I bought this book last year and love it. The illustrations are fantastic, and so are the rhymes. A GREAT fall picture book. My 5 yo loves this one; it's his favorite.

#1. The Hallo-wiener

Oh my land, I ADORE THIS BOOK. It's as fun for me to read as my boys. The wordplay is awesome, and so's the story. And that's why it's my #1 fall fave. :)

Happy fall! Did I leave any awesome picture books out? Let me know!