Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#NILtribe giveaways this month

Hey sweet readers--

Just a heads up-- Three Big #NILtribe Giveaways are happening this month!!!

(1) Facebook: Starting today, a giveaway is happening on Facebook! To say thank you to my readers, I 'm offering 10 signed copies of NIL on FB! Click for the link!:) And good luck!

(2) Twitter: Tomorrow is a #WinNIL Wednesday!!!  Woohoo!!! I'll be giving away a signed copy of NIL UNLOCKED + a copy of Placid Girl by Brenna Ehrlich + a copy of Sara Raasch's ICE LIKE FIRE. Awesome, right? Go to my Twitter account for all the scoop!


(3) Coming to Instagram this month? A 12 Days Books of Christmas Giveaway!!! You can win 12 books by 12 YA authors.... Contest will run on IG only, for (you guessed it) 12 days. Stay tuned!!!

So what do you think??/


I totally agree. (I also adore Supernatural...see above pic for all you need to know.:D)

Happy first day of December!!!!!