Friday, August 14, 2015

What's New with You?

Happy Friday! It's been FOREVER since I've posted!

How are you? What's new?

For me, summer is over. *sniff* The boys are back in school, and while I'm sooooooo sad to say goodbye to summer, I'm super stoked about what's coming up!

First, a little summer wrap. Ready?:)


June was all about the Southeast Summer Book Bash with Lindsay Cummings, Paula Stokes, Jaye Robin Brown, Robin Constantine, and Anne Blankman. THESE WOMEN ARE LOVELY, and their books will rock your socks. Getting to spend time with them was a treat for me.:)

Here's proof of all of the above:

Look how happy we are! This stop was AMAZING! But WHERE IS PAULA???
Happy authors in the house!

Found her! And she's rocking her skull kitty top. <3
Super sweet banner!:) Thank you Booksellers at Laurelwood!

Road tripping into Asheville at pretty!

Lindsay rode shotgun with me and I love her just a little bit. She was my roomie too and is pretty much awesome. :)

A sweet set up in Asheville at the lovely Malaprops! Jaye Robin Brown was out moderator, and she did an incredible job!

Charleston was both deeply moving and incredibly sad. It was out last tour stop, and we wrestled with whether it was the right thing to do--to go talk about our books, when the city was suffering. But the lovely staff at Blue Bicycle Books assured us that to not come would be a loss all its own, because the city was banding together so tightly that it was inspiring. So we went. We arrived days after the terrible fatal shooting, and to our surprise, our hotel happened to be just across the street. We could see it from our window--the church, the support, the ministers gathering everyone together in prayer, the flowers and moments, and later, the protestors. I took this picture because this particular note spoke to me...this church was where MLK preached and worshipped. MLK was so wise; hopefully we will not only remember his legacy and his words, but start living them too.


Last day of the #SSBB tour....

A panel and signing at Blue Bicycle Books! SO. MUCH. FUN.:)

A great crowd, a great city.:)

A few #SSBB tour thanks: Thanks to all the booksellers who hosted us and made us feel so welcome! And thanks to all the moderators who helped us (Cliff Redwine! Nicole Castroman! JRo! We love y'all!) and thank to the READERS for coming out to support us!

After the #SSBB, I went to Orlando for the Orlando LibCon and IT WAS AWESOME.
Lori and Christy--amazing authors & super sweet to boot!:)

Then after ALL THE TOURING (Fierce Reads! WOOHOO! #SSBB! YIPPEE!) it was time to chill.

Which meant...


How gorgeous is this?!
So much inspiration here...I refilled my writer well. :) Lots of ideas to flesh out the end of NIL ON FIRE...

and lots of just chillaxin.

Me & my the Abacos on Tahiti Beach

The rest of the summer? With my boys and my sweetheart and puppy Charley on the beach...
like this:

Charley...stalking fish on Crescent Beach:)
Charley ). Fish, one million. lol

So what's next?

I'll be doing school visits in September, going on tour with the YA Chicks in October...we're heading to Gainesville, Jax, Savannah, Atlanta & Nashville! Details to come, but you can definitely find us at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville!

To wrap up today?

A quick Friday Five!

5. Last book I read: A re-read of THE THRONE OF GLASS
4. Top of My TBR List: The WRATH AND THE DAWN
3. Favorite Pizza right now: Hawaiian from Mellow Mushroom
2. Movie I'm dying to see: Antman
1. What I'm doing today: writing.:)

So what's new with you?:) What's topping your TBR?