Monday, November 30, 2015

Thankful...for the #NILtribe, macaroons, and ALL THE BOOKISH THINGS


November is almost over. CRAZY!

This fall has flown by. I've toured with the YA Chicks (Christy Farley, Vivi Barnes, and Amy Christine Parker), visited dozens of schools,  & participated in the Southern Festival of Books, all of which was AMAZING!!!

Proof of #YAChicks Tour awesomeness:

Streetside in Nashville:)

Official Tour Poster--WE WERE SO OFFICIAL

#YAChicks after an incredible school visit in Savannah!

...and we ate macaroons. YES WE DID. ALL OF THEM.

And I went to FAME, which was beyond awesome.:) Evidence of FAME awesomeness:

Bookish goodness happening on schedule :)

Yes, we are hanging out with National Book Award Winner
and all around super nice & talented Neal Shusterman.
Mind. Blown.

The NIL Series!!! In this group!!! *dies of happiness*

Coolest Media Specialists EVER :)

Dinner partners! <3 them!:)

Last night at dinner--so much bookish fun!

And this note from a reader made me teary:

And that my sweet friends, is why I write.:)

FAME was so cool. Inspiring, and amazing.

Like these cool students at Creekside High School, one of my recent school visits:

These readers? LOVE THEM! Amazing kids at Creekside!!!!

I'm constantly blown away by the love of the #NILtribe.:)

And this month... the #NILtribe went international!!! NIL is now out in Turkey (where it's titled ADA), and the Turkish #NILtribe is AWESOME!

Here are just a few of the breathtaking snapshots of #ADA my Turkish readers posted on IG:

THANK YOU TURKEY!!! *all the hugs*

And the original #NILtribe? Still as wonderful and enthusiastic and AWESOME as ever! Books sell one book at a time... through word of mouth. And I'm so grateful for all the Nil love and support. The #NILtribe is AMAZING --you have made NIL UNLOCKED and NIL ON FIRE possible!!!!

So this November, I'm sending the biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU to all my readers who have shared their love for NIL with a friend or with the world


Like this cool video.:) Here's Ashley, one of my favorite Booktubers and original #NILtribe members, sharing her love for NIL:

Thank you Ashley!!!

I'm so blessed to have the readers I do, and to say thanks? Next month (which starts in one day!) I'll be hosting a special 12 Days Books of Christmas book prize on Instagram, plus a #WinNIL Wednesday in two days!!!!

Stay tuned, and THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NIL LOVE!!!!:)

Oh, and guess what? NIL ON FIRE is only 6 months away!!! #ticktock