Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Five



Happy June!

I can't believe it's JUNE. Seriously. WHERE DID MAY GO?

For me, it was the Fierce Reads tour, and the release of NIL UNLOCKED, and the last month of school for my four boys, and drafting NIL ON FIRE, and planning the #SSBB.

So. How about a quick Friday Five about May?:)


This tour was AMAZING. Meeting readers, chatting with bloggers, and hanging out with three of the most wonderful (and sweet! and talented!) authors I've ever met: Lindsay Smith, Marie Rutkowski, and Katie Finn (aka Morgan Matson. YES THERE WERE TWO MATSONS ON THE FR TOUR!!! How cool is that?! Answer: seriously cool.) Marie, Lindsay & Morgan were wonderful to tour with--all were so, so sweet, and the last night at dinner the three of us laughed so hard I cried. (I do that when I laugh really, really hard.:D) And that, my friends, is a sign of a GREAT TOUR.:) <3 these ladies!

Evidence of the Fierce Reads awesomeness:

We went to so many amazing bookshops...and met SO many wonderful people who love books as much as we do!:) I got to meet Jen Mathieu and Becky Wallace, authors I adore (plus Becky is one of my crit partners and I lurveeeee her).:) And I got to hang out IRL with bloggers I love--and members of the #NILtribe that I tweet with constantly!:) Like Mary & Stacee & Nikki & Skye & more!:) So much love for y'all!

And.... buttons! Cupcakes! THE GOODNESS WAS ENDLESS.:) Thank you to all who came to see us, and all the readers & booksellers & librarians who made us feel so welcome!!!!

One more pic of happiness: here's a great shot of us with Molly, one of the awesome Macmillan publicists who did so much to make this tour so full of amazing:

The amazing Molly grinning in a Matson sandwich:)

The second leg of the Fierce Reads tour is happenening right now, so go see those authors if you can!

#4. NIL UNLOCKED hit the wild!!!!!

#NILtribe readers sent these to me!:) THESE MAKE ME SO HAPPY!

And we had a NIL UNLOCKED launch party!!!!

These are my peeps AND I LOVE THEM.:)

#3. The end of school.

I have 4 boys. 2 in elementary school...1 in middle school...and 1 in high school. I can't even put into words the crazy factor of May for our family. Thank the good Lord its summer. FOR REAL.:)

#2. NIL ON FIRE!!!!!

Or as I like to say... NIL ON FIYAH.;)

Drafting. Furious drafting. Revising. Deleting. Pulling it all together. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME HOW HARD IT IS TO END A TRILOGY???

I am still working on NIL 3 (which is now NIL ON FIRE) as we speak. Hence the lack of May blogging..see numbers 5. 4. & 3. above.:)

#1. Planning the Southeast Summer Book Bash.

In two weeks, I hit the road again with the lovely Lindsay Cummings. We're heading to Ga, AL, TN, NC & Sc. For all teh deets, go to the #SSBB website!

JUNE 17-23-- IT'S GOING TO BE GREAT!!!!!! I'd love to meet you--so come see me! So that was my May.:)

A few quick notes:
Last book I read: ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas. 5 STARS FROM ME.
Song I'm addicted to: Four Walls by The Broods
Favorite summer drink: Lemonade
Next on my TBR list: You tell me!:)