Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankfulness…and a contest for the #NILtribe

Yesterday was Thanksgiving… and I have SO much to be thankful for this year.

My family. 

The love and support this year--and in the years leading to this one--are amazing. I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN YOU KNOW.

My friends.

*see above* *sends all the hugs* :)

The entire YA community.

I'm so grateful to all the authors, bloggers, and readers who welcomed and supported me this year as my debut novel, NIL, launched back in March.

You all deserve a little RDJ:


The opportunity to write books.

I'm so incredibly blessed to be able to do what I love. That I get to write stories and share them with the world…and get paid for it. And yet? The money is nothing compared to the satisfaction of making one reader get a full case of the feels…and be able to escape into a new world just for a few hours. I write for you, and am so grateful to my agent and my editor and all the folks at Macmillan for believing in me and allowing me to put my books in your hands.:)


*feels  teary* To all the readers who took a chance on NIL--THANK YOU. I am so, so grateful for you.:) *sniffs*

Which brings me to the #NILtribe.

I ADORE THE #NILtribe. All the readers who supported NIL and the characters in the Nil world… all the readers who have tweeted about NIL or shared a pic on Instagram or taken the time to write a review of NIL or who have told a friend about NIL or played #WinNIL this year… THANK YOU. I love you and appreciate you sharing your love of books and your love of NIL!

Which brings me to a special contest I dreamed up for you. Next spring I'll be sharing plenty of opportunities to win advance copies of NIL UNLOCKED as well as finished hardcopies of NIL UNLOCKED as we play #WinNU.

But for now…I have a special gift for you. A unique #WinNIL: the chance to win a special annotated copy of NIL, with heaps of personal notes and hints linking NIL to NIL UNLOCKED. You'll find out some NIL UNLOCKED secrets early, and I'll share some passages/quotes from NIL UNLOCKED in the margins of NIL at key points and share research I didn't include in the final copy. Also, I've jotted down character secrets and backstory that impacts both NIL and NIL UNLOCKED. I've been working on this special annotated NIL copy for a while, and it's turning out pretty cool. AND YOU CAN WIN IT.

If you're a member of the #NILtribe, leave a comment below telling me why you're excited about NIL UNLOCKED and boom--you're entered to win!

This contest will run until December 31, 2014, and is open to all current members of this #NILtribe. Most of y'all I know by name and/or your Twitter/Instagram avatar…and I hope you win!:) *Winner will be picked at random from the comments below using the random number generator.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tribal Tuesday!

Just a quote note to say that TOMORROW IS A #WinNIL WEDNESDAY!!!!

We're playing a thankful edition.:)

Tomorrow you can win a signed copy of NIL for a friend--a friend you are thankful to have in your life! A friend you would save from tigers…a friend that you would give your last fish wrap to.:)

So be thinking. . . and be thankful.:)

Deets tomorrow on Instagram, Twitter and FB! Hugs to all the #NILtribe!

Until tomorrow--


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tribal Tuesday!

Hi #NILtribe!

I thought I'd share a sneak peek of the front & back flap of the galley, and the epigraph at the front of the book. It's so pretty!!!!!

*stares at galley*

I LOVE MY COVER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stops staring* ;)

So first, the front.


I LURVVEEEE the colors on this cover. They're SPOT ON. The orange, the gray. And the cracked gray inside the word NIL here is so cool…because it echoes the cracked, dried lava rock found on the island itself. Also adore the tallymarks, especially how they're reflected in the water. I love how the sunlight shines through the clouds and the overall darker tone….it fits the book PERFECTLY. I honestly love everything about this cover. Macmillan did an AMAZING job! I AM SO LUCKY!!!!!!

And now for the back.

Rives. Skye. FEELS. ANSWERS.
*happy sigh*

Just LOVE!!!!!!!!

Now for the spine. I always love the spines of books; I don't know why. But there's something so gorgeous about having them all lined up on the shelf.

Like this:

(Yes, I'm totally biased. BUT THAT'S OK.:D)

Now, I only have one galley of NIL UNLOCKED right now (the other one is making the YA VALENTINES rounds, but here's the spine of NIL UNLOCKED:

Please ignore the disaster that is the house in the background.
Thank you.
#lifeofawriter ;)
I adore how the front cover wraps around to the spine…how you get the juxtaposition of light and dark BECAUSE IT'S SO WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT. WIN!!!!!

And then there's the tallymarks. OH MY LAND I LOVE THE TALLYMARKS. They're on the inside of NIL, and they're also on the inside of NIL UNLOCKED.

Like this:

Tick tock goes the Nil clock . . .

And they're also on this page with the really-cool and totally-perfect epigraph:

Information. Knowledge. Rives wants it all…and so does Skye. And when they find each other?

Well . . . you'll just have to read the book.;)

(Ok, that was totally an evil author move but I can't give away ALL THE SEKRITS. At least not today.:D)

Happy Tribal Tuesday #NILtribe!!!!! I hope you loved the visual sneak peek!