Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Sketches

This week was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which is huge in our house. Absolutely HUGE.

My husband surfs, so do my boys, and we all paddleboard. Even my 5yo likes to sit on the paddleboard as we tool around. :) It's super cute. And since our house is old, there's no garage. Surfboards hang over the mantel, hug the corners of our den, and hide behind the couch, all keeping space with golf clubs, tennis racquets and a gazillion other types of sports paraphernalia. It's crazy and fun and and a lived-in house. (Did I mention our living room has a ping-pong table? Yup. It does.) :)

Whew! Sorry for the tangent! *lurches back on track* Anyway, since surfing's such a big part of our family life, we spend heaps of time at the beach. And we've got a freaky fascination with sharks. Each year when Shark Week comes on, we're glued to the tv. It's a sharky family tradition. :)

In honor of Shark Week (and great whites everywhere . . . hehe) my 12 year-old drew a picture of a great white. I loved it so much I thought I'd share...

Da-num . . . . Da-num . . .
Cool, right?

And then my 7 year-old drew this:

Mr. Whale and his friend, Mr. Octopus

I love it it too! The angle of my picture makes me feel a little dizzy (me=lousy photographer) but the drawing rocks.

I'm sad to see Shark Week end, because for me, it's another sign summer is over.  And I'm not ready! :)

What's on ya'lls agenda this week? School? Last vacation of the summer? And does Shark Week ever suck you in?

p.s. Coming up tomorrow: a contest! A book giveaway! Yay!

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