Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Five


It's Friday sweet friends!  How was your week? Mine was the official end-of-summer-as-I-know-it. Yup--you guessed it, my boys went back-to-school.

To wrap up the week, here's a quick Friday Five!

1. Word of the week: bittersweet.

Like Big Head Todd sang back in the day (*dates self*), it was more sweet than bitter, but as much as I reveled in the quiet house, I missed my boys. The house felt so . . . empty. After a summer full of Nerf wars, and all kinds of boy noise, the stillness was almost eerie. :) (Note: I said almost. hehe)

(For those wondering who the heck Big Head Todd is, check out the Big Head Todd and the Monsters video here.) :)

2. Giveaway of the week: books!

On my blog! :) Two books up for grabs: DESTINED by Jessie Harrell and ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins. Check out Tuesday's blog post for the deets. :)

3. Creeptastic Picture of the Week:

It's an oak tree, a few miles from our house. I swear it's a wood nymph trapped for eternity. See how she's raising her arms to the sky? *shudders* And like Tweetheart Jess Keating noted on Twitter, it's like she (or he!) is chained to the ground. Cool and creepy. (Repeats to self..."it's just a's just a tree...") THERE'S A STORY HERE, I feel it. :)

4. Link of the week: Editor Cheryl Klein's awesome post on A Few Things Writers Can Learn From Harry Potter. It's been around a while, but was a recent find for me. LOVE IT. :)

5. Recent YA release added to my towering TBR pile: THE KILL ORDER by James Dashner (a prequel to THE MAZE RUNNER)
So that's it!

How was your week? Did you see anything creepy, or creepy-cool? And have you ever heard of Big Head Todd?

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  1. My boys had their first full week of school/activities/sports so it was CRAZYVILLE! I love the pic of the tree. Creeptastic.

    And YES!!! I LOVE Big Head Todd & the Monsters. In fact, I just saw them in concert two weeks ago with Bare Naked Ladies & Blues Traveler. Bittersweet is my fave of theirs. (Our music taste is a little eerie.)