Thursday, August 29, 2013

A quick NIL Linkapalooza :)

Sorry I've been absent lately. It's been the end-of-summer-back-to-school crazies.:) But today, a post!

I thought I'd give you a quick round-up of NIL links floating around the web.:)

1. Crazies. :)

Wasn't I just talking about crazies...? Thought so. :) Well, speaking of crazies (and chasing them!) Amy Trueblood had me over at her blog, Chasing the Crazies, to chat yesterday about NIL. If you have a minute, pop over to Amy's Writer Odyssey Wednesday post to read about where NIL was born, my love of alt music, and other writerly stuff.:)

2. A Top Ten List!

My sweet friend Natalie Whipple guest posted on the Hot Key Books blog and shared her Top Ten Sci-fi reads...and NIL was on her list!!!!! Natalie's shout-out blew me away, because the company she included me in is hands-down amazing. Books like DUNE, THE GIVER, PIVOT POINT and more are also on the list--which are some of my faves too. Natalie's a talented author in her own right--check out her debut YA novel, TRANSPARENT if you haven't done so already.:)

3. Tunes

If you missed it, you can check out NIL's playlist on the All The Write Notes blog.

4. Cover love

Mac Teen Books did a Winter '14 Cover Reveal Roundup. So fun to see NIL with its publisher siblings! :)

5. Cover Reveal

Icey Books hosted NIL's cover reveal.  I'm so grateful to Hafsah for doing such a terrific job, and I LOVED reading all the comments! I'm a *little* bit in love with my cover myself.:)

Last but not least, several bloggers have picked NIL as their Waiting on Wednesday pick, and I'm SO grateful. I'm so excited for y'all to read NIL, and the fact that people are waiting for it's release makes me crazy happy. Book bloggers amaze me in all the best ways.:)

And the craziest thought today?

NIL comes out in 187 days.

AHHHHHHH! I can't wait for y'all to read it!!!

I leave you with this...which is how I feel when every time I see my cover and think about March 4, 2014.:)


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  1. That is SO awesome! You are one of Natalie's top ten sci-fi picks!!!

    Counting down the days until NIL is out in the world!

    Love ya!