Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On Finishing

Today feels strange.

I'm totally in-between projects, without a deadline in front of me for the first time in months. I finished my second pass pages for NIL, and my agent has my latest project in her expert hands (a project I ADORE and can't wait to share!). But the strangest part is that NIL is done.

I've been working on NIL since February 2010, when the story burst into my head. I wrote, revised (and revised :D), queried, revised for my amazing agent, and then went on submission. Then I revised for my awesome editor, went through copyedits, first pass pages, proofreading queries, and then finally, second pass pages. And now I'm done.

As of this week, NIL is in production. I won't see NIL again until it comes out in hardback.

Like I said, NIL is done.

And it feels both right and strange. To know I will never touch those words again is a little scary, because NIL is no longer just mine. It belongs to you, the reader. Which is how it should be, but as a debut author, it's still a weird--and rather scary--feeling. :) Especially because, as written, NIL is a stand-alone, so my time with those characters is over.*

The perfect word for how this feels? Bittersweet.:)

So now, as far as NIL goes, I'll be doing lots of fun stuff building up to NIL's March 4, 2014 release. Giveaways are coming, packed with cool swag and NIL trivia, and I'm so excited for the months to come. :) It's going to be AWESOME, and I can't wait to share NIL sekrits and scoop with you.

But this week, I'm just going to chill. I'm going to finish some long-overdue beta reading for sweet CP's that I'm woefully behind on... read some killer books on my TBR list that I've been longing to read... and go for some long runs and listen to new tunes and let my brain wander to new stories. And then I'm gonna write something fun and new and just let the words flow, which feels both liberating and exciting.:)

What do you have planned this week? And have you ever finished a project, or job, or something big that took months--or years--of work? Awesome, but weird, right?


*Lately I've been pondering a companion novel, from a different character's POV. Not sure if I'l write it, but some ideas are floating around in my brain. But Charley & Thad's story is done.:)


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    1. Thanks Melody! :) You are the sweetest! I honestly can't wait for you to read NIL...you've been so enthusiastic from the beginning. I really, really hope you enjoy it! :)

      And...as soon as I have my NIL swag, I'm going to send you a special pack because you've been so great from Day One! You were my very first blog comment. :) ALL THE HUGS!