Saturday, February 8, 2014

#NILtribe Happenings!

Only 23 days to go until NIL's release!!!! AHHH!

Here's a quick update of what's happening:

ICYMI: I'm over at The Write Notes talking about the Top Five Songs Behind NIL. I'm also giving away a galley of NIL…with the vintage cover.:) Only 4 more days to enter!

The YA Valentines Winter Formal Blog Tour starts Monday! I'll be over at the lovely Nikki Wang's blog Fiction Freak--please come say hi!!!

And on Wednesday we're having a Twitter party!!! 

This Wednesday, February 12th at 6:30 PM EST, I'll be hanging out with Sara B. Larson (DEFY), Bethany Hagan (LANDRY PARK) and Jen McConnel (DAUGHTER OF CHAOS), some of the sweetest and most talented debut authors around. We'll be chatting about books, embarrassing Valentine moments, and other fun things! There will be prizes! Virtual snacks! The hashtag is #YAValsFormal . . . come hang out with us! 

Also have appearances coming up…will post about them shortly!:) 

Happy Saturday!!!


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