Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Freaky Video That Could ALMOST Be My Book Trailer

I'm over at All The Write Notes today sharing my top five songs behind NIL. Two are from Thad's point of view, two are from Charley's point of view, and one is from the island's point of view. (I'm also giving away a signed ARC of NIL so go check out the post!)

Here is where it gets freaky.

The song from the island's point of view is by a band called Pendulum. And the title? The Island (Part 1) Dawn. 

Perfect, right? I KNOW. Just wait--it's gets FREAKIER.

Here's the thing: as I envisioned NIL, the island is the greatest antagonist of all. There's a definite Twilight Zone undercurrent to NIL. After all, how else do you pass out in a city parking lot and wake up naked in a red rock field?!

So seriously, how perfect are the lyrics to this song? 

You arrive
In the rising sun
The hidden passenger
That I’ve been taking
Close your eyes
Let’s forget again
As you drag me down
I will take you in

What are you waiting for?
Just surrender here tonight
What are you waiting for?
As we go towards the light

When everything is said and done
To looking for answers if only one
Turn my back the urge has gone
Left with no reason we come undone

So perfect it's FREAKY.

Now here's where it gets super freaky. I got the idea for NIL in February 2010, while on a vacay in Hawaii. (You can read the full scoop here). Pendulum's album Immersion wasn't released until May of 2010. I'm not sure exactly when I discovered Pendulum, but I remember it was sometime that summer. I already had the entire first half of the novel written at this point--including the opening scene where Charley wakes up on Nil, which I wrote while in Hawaii back in February.

So this morning, when I was finishing up my ATWN post, I searched for a video of Pendulum's song The Island (Part 1) Dawn. And what I found blew me away. The opening was so much like the start of Charley’s Day One it honestly freaked me out a little. (Or possibly a lot. ;D) The girl even looks a little like Charley. 


See for yourself… I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS VIDEO. The end of the video has a twist that my book doesn't, so watch until the end…so worth it. (Plus, the girl in the video has clothes--if it was Charley she'd be running around naked and this is a PG rated blog. lol) 

Here you go…the video that could *almost* be my book trailer:

Totally cool and creepy and FREAKY, right? To think Pendulum was writing/recording this song as I was writing NIL, and for them to have a similar vision. I think it's the collective unconscious as my fellow Valentine Paula Stokes recently talked about.

So there you have it. The music video that could almost pass for NIL's book trailer. 



  1. That is really freaky! I agree, that would have been the perfect song and trailer for your book! I loved that song at first listen!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Isn't the song awesome? Thx for stopping by! :) xo

  2. Very cool and very freaky!! And I love the song, too. nice find!!

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm still in love with this song…and CAN"T GET OVER THIS VIDEO.:) xoxo #Vallove