Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bad Blogger

I've been bad. And not in a good way.:)

I realized today I haven't blogged in weeks. I've been busy with celebrating NIL in the world . . . and book festivals (hello #RHSLitFest!) and signings . . . and WRITING. I'm working on a super sekrit project I hope to share with you soon.
very soon. (I know that's horribly teasery butI  can't release deets yet.  We authors are cruel like that. hehe)  

Lots of NIL scoop coming SOON.:)

But in the meantime, check in with me on Twitter and FB next Wednesday for the last #WinNIL Wednesday of April! You'll have the chance to win not just NIL but another super awesome creepy island book that came out this year too--and YOU WANT IT. Trust me.:)


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