Saturday, March 29, 2014

Debut Month Lovelies!

Ok, so today is Saturday, March 29, and NIL has been out for about three weeks.

It's been an AMAZING whirlwind of three weeks.:) I've had a dream-come-true launch party with family and friends ... been a part of the Riverdale Literary Festival in South Florida (AWESOME!) ...  did my first book signing at B&B in Ft. Myers ... run several crazy fun #WinNIL contests on Twitter each Wednesday ... had wonderful blogger support for NIL in reviews and on-line love ...  dropped into bunches of Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million and signed every copy of NIL in stock ... and basically have been touched EVERY SINGLE DAY by someone who read NIL and loved it.

A full photo recap coming soon!

But in the meantime, want to know what started off my debut month with epic goodness? This amazing picture of Charley sketched by my talented author friend, Natalie Whipple:

And sweet Natalie posted this amazing graphic of Charley on the morning NIL debuted . . . her surprise post is here. Natalie has been an amazing supporter of me and NIL from my pre-agent days, and even before I got to know her, I followed her blog, because Natalie is an amazing supporter of all writers. If you're a writer, I encourage you to check out her blog, Between Fact and Fiction, and poke around. Lots of writing and publishing gold over there! Natalie is not only  a fantastic writer, she's a fantastic person & friend. :)

Thank you SO MUCH Natalie, for starting NIL's book birthday off in the most amazing way possible! *sends all the hugs* I can't wait to cheer for HOUSE OF IVY & SORROW in a few weeks!

And #NILtribe, check back Monday for the full debut month wrap-up--with pics!


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