Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And we have a winner!

The first #NILtribe giveaway is over, and the Rafflecopter gods have spoken.

But before we get to a winner, let's review the loot:

Awesome swag!
On the count of three, let's all tilt our heads together to look at it…
One, two, three…lol

A galley of NIL!
Books by Erin Bowman, Leila Sales, and Jamie Grey!
NIL swag! 
And Jamie threw in a super cute UVC bracelet too--thank you Jamie!!!


(An email is on its way to you right now with all the deets.:D)

And a HUGE thank you to the #NILtribe! 
For entering…
for spreading the #NILtribe love…for being so enthusiastic!

It's gonna be an awesome few months ahead.:)

Quick #NILtribe update:
Tomorrow NIL's brand-new-so-awesome-OMG-I-Love-IT-cover will be revealed over at Icey Books.
And Friday I'll have the Best of #NILtribe wrap up here on the blog.

*tribal fist bump*


  1. Lynne will you please message me on Goodreads? I need to talk to you about advertising NIL. By the way on my blog NIL is my favorite book of 2013. But just please message me. You can find me at Thanks talk to you soon.

  2. Btw I sent you the questions on goodreads, if you didn't see. Thanks so much for participating!