Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Yeah, I know, I'm one day early. But who cares? Let's make up our own rules today! Let's talk turkey, and pie, and what-we're-thankful-for. Time to count our blessings.:) Because seriously, I feel so blessed that I want to do this:

But yeah, Jimmy does it better. :) (FTR, I LOVE Jimmy Fallon. And am so thankful for his skits with Justin Timberlake I can't even stand it. They are just that awesome.) 

So talking thankfulness here. I've got SO much to be thankful for. Like...

My husband, who is my first reader, my love-at-first-sight, and my wingman for life.

My boys, who make me laugh and cry and make each day more fun than the last.

My friends and family, who fill my world with love and shenanigans.

My fellow writers, critique partners, and sweet YA Valentines, who make my writing journey so much richer and keep me sane.

All the authors who write books that inspire me and give me all the feels.

Bloggers and readers, who love books and make ALL THE WRITERLY THINGS worthwhile.

My amazing editor and agent, who made my debut not only possible, but better.

Good music and great artists (Imagine Dragons, Blondfire, Snow Patrol, John Coltrane, BareNaked Ladies, U2, Muse, Jack Johnson, Jack's Mannequin, Arcade Fire, etc.) who fuel my creative muse.

My health, my home, my country, and my freedom.

Yummy Thanksgiving Day food--like sweet potato casserole and pie. ALL THE PIE.:)

And my dad, who handed me my first Anne McCaffrey novel when I was a teenager and opened my eyes to a whole new world of reading. I miss you Dad, and am so thankful I'm your daughter. I think you'd like NIL if you could read it.

*breathes through my tears*

Okay! *wipes eyes*  I'm also thankful for chocolate, wine, Girl Scout cookies, the beach, the sweet sound of waves breaking onshore, sunny days, rainy afternoons, ALL THE BOOKS, pie, good movies, the smell in the air after a good rain, blank canvases and fresh paint, the rush of starting a new novel, the burn in my legs after a good run, the sloppy kisses my 6yo gives me, phone calls from friends when I need them the most, and the fresh possibilities each new day brings.:)

What are you thankful for?

*shares pie*

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