Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NIL has a cover!!!!!!!!!!

Eeep! It's official NIL has a cover!!!!!!

And I LOVE it. I mean, really love it. The picture is on my desktop and each time I look at it, I find something new.:) Because it's so full of awesome--it's all I could want in a cover and then some. The entire Macmillan/Holt design team (thank you, Anita!:D) did a brilliant job. :)

Ready to see it? Yay! Hop over to the Icey Books blog to see NIL's cover...and you can enter to win a galley of NIL! Yup, that's right--there are TWO advance reader copies (ARC's, or galleys) up for grabs and you could win one!

So hop over and take a peek. And let me know what you think!:)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Melody! I'm so glad! I'm a *bit* in love with it myself.:)

  2. That cover is GORGEOUS!! I love everything about it, especially the colors, the circular scratched-out countdown of days, and—obviously—that hot guy front and center. ;) I can't wait to read this, Lynne.