Wednesday, April 10, 2013

They're hereeeeeeee! Copyedits.:)

So on Monday, this package appeared on my doorstep:

*stares at...the light...* :)

Inside the golden envelope? My NIL copyedits. 

Ok, so there they sat, on my dining room table, until I could get two of my four boys into bed. I  knew that if I opened THE PACKAGE, my mind would be spinning, and there would be NO WAY I could focus on GO DOG GO and other important nightly reading. So my NIL copyedits waited, until approximately 9.00 pm. 

Then this happened:

I cracked open the edits...
And I read them ALL.

The next morning, the table looked like this:

DONE. (Reading, that is.)

See the notebook to this right? Yup, FULL of NIL notes and copyedit questions.*

Yesterday was packed with family matters with my boys, so my copyedits sat waiting. But today? 

I feel like this:

That's what I'm talking about...

Thanks to Jay C. Spencer for this last pic. So now, bring it on, copyedits!

*Music on my iPod while reading copyedits? Blondfire and Lana Del Ray

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