Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spam Gold

A quick story related to Monday's LONG post, THE POWER OF THREE (Or How I Found My Agent). :)

Here's a teeny part I left out: The *near* Spam Disaster.


When Jennifer emailed me in January to ask to read the rest, I didn't reply--not right away. And why not? Because I didn't see her email . . . BECAUSE IT WENT TO SPAM. You read that right, SPAM. (I can't explain it. Spam filters are weird like that. Like this is beyond-explanation-weird:

Because it's SPAM. hehe)

At the time, I rarely checked spam. As in like, NEVER. :) (Seriously, maybe once a month, at best.)

So the next day I received a sweet follow-up email from Jennifer asking if I'd received her email and was NIL still available? No and yes! This time I got back to her right away, and the rest of history. Her enthusiasm was evident from the start, and her communication rocks--as this exchange proved. I'm so grateful she followed up with me, because if she hadn't, I might have missed out on the opportunity to work with her, and I can't imagine a more perfect agent for NIL (and me!).  Jennifer is truly made of awesome--she's smart, savvy, and her intuition on strengthening a MS is crazy-good. :) I know I'm not her only author, but she makes me feels like I am (something I'm careful not take advantage of. :D)

So happy Thursday y'all! Now go check your spam folder. You might find gold. :) (Or just more offers from The Gap, but hey, it's worth a peek.)

Have you ever found anything unexpected caught by your spambot? A rejection? A request? An offer from a Nigerian prince?! :) LOL I'd love to hear!


  1. I hadn't heard that story! OMGsh! I check it every once in a while but I've never found anything "real." Thanks for the post! I'll be checking it more regullarly now. : ) *runs to check spam folder*

  2. I hadn't heard that part either. EEK!! I don't get anything "good" in my Spam folder, but somethings random things go in there - like my daily e-mail from Zulily. I get it everyday, but every now and again my e-mail will put it in the junk folder. Now what makes it junk one day and acceptable the rest of the days?? Much like the question of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop --- the world may never know.